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Value creating wooden constructions!


Each year we are expanding our activities by modernizing equipment, facilities and creating new solutions, which increases accuracy and effectiveness.

All the raw material we process by ourselves, which allows us to shorten supply chain and to be more flexible regarding projects deadlines.

By using highly skilled handcraft labor, the best materials and advanced technology our products becomes stable, long-lasting and resistant from the impact of environmental conditions.

Our mission, vision and responsibility for quality assurance:

Mission - to design, manufacture and build top quality houses equipped with the most up-to-date solutions based on the unique and responsible point of view of Skado Medis.

Vision – to be a dynamic and attractive construction company for investors while maintaining a reliable and reputable image in local and foreign markets.

Responsibility for quality assurance:

  • To develop an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly design, including the manufacturing and     installation of modular, prefabricated and glued beam houses to suit the customers’ needs as much as possible.  
  • To build solid and durable houses through the use of highly skilled manpower with the best materials and modern technologies.
  • To ensure a personalised approach to the client starting from the first meeting to a house-warming party and to maintain further long-term relations.
  • To develop partnership-based cooperation with realtors and civil engineering professionals.
  • To make progress through enhancing our employees’ competencies and introduction of the most up-to-date technological solutions. 

To continuously upgrade the quality management system in pursuing the long-term goals of the company.



We provide guarantee to our products up to 10 years.